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Teeth cleaning

With leading brands that offer your pet year-round protection, H & H has a wide variety of pest prevention for your pet's breed and conditions.

Protect your furry loved one from common illnesses, diseases, and conditions with prompt immunizations administered right here at H & H.

From cats and dogs to cattle and horses, H & H provides expert dentistry using the latest techniques and tools for all breeds and species.

Sedation care

At-home care

Ear cleaning

If your pet experienced high anxiety or fear during that dreaded vet visit, don't worry! Your pet can be provided calming monitored sedation during routine care and wellness procedures.

For busy schedules or pets simply too large to transport, H & H can come right to your front door! At-home vaccinations, general care and euthanasia are available.

Does your pet have "selective hearing"? It might be time for an ear cleaning. Keep your pets healthy, happy, and running to "treats!" by bringing them to H & H.

Full-service wellness care for all breeds and species

Flea and ticket prevention

Pet ear clean Pet teeth clean