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Complete large & small animal care

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Providing expert livestock and farm veterinary care for over a decade.

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At-home expertise

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Clearer imaging

When you need a veterinary staff that'll go the distance, call H & H. Our experienced physicians can visit your farm to provide all on-site care.

Unlike most other vets, H & H can confidently handle cattle, horses, or other large species in our clinic with a full-service holding facility.

Offering your large breed animals the latest in the digital radiography and imaging, you'll get a clearer picture and better diagnosis of their health.

Specialized care

Digital diagnostics

Work with a veterinary staff that provides expertise for specific species: Horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and all your farm's other animals!

With mobile ultrasound and knowledgeable physicians, your farm animals will receive an accurate diagnosis for any physical injuries.

Experienced livestock and farm veterinary care

From gestation imaging to sexing and general natal care, H & H ensures your breeding and birthing always go smoothly and as planned.

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Diagnosis Horse Natal care

Pre-and post-natal care