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H & H Veterinary Service PA - Pet Care | Benson, MN

Complete large & small animal care

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Leading pet wellness

The best surgical techniques

Specializing in all pets

Preventative care for your pet is the best way to keep him or her healthy, happy and energetic! Work with a team of vet professionals that can ensure your pets receive the best wellness care.

Offering full anesthesia, specialized instruments and monitoring, and the skilled hands of our surgical veterinary team, your pet will receive the finest surgical care possible in our clinic.

No matter how small or large, domestic or livestock, H & H will offer your pet or animal the professional veterinary care they need and deserve at every clinic or home visit.

Dogs, cats, cattle, horses, and all sizes in between are seen by us regularly!

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Fully capable clinic

Experienced doctors

Pets love us!

Have your pet's imaging, diagnostic procedures, and in-house lab results ready promptly right in our clinic, saving you precious time.

Boasting a combined 38 years of doctoral veterinary care, the friendly doctors at H & H truly know your pet's health best!

Our friends and their pets have travelled from far and wide to receive what they know to be the region's best veterinary care.

Providing at-home veterinary care

H & H Veterinary Service PA

170 Hwy 9 NW

Benson, MN 56215

Call for appointments:

(320) 842-5960

H & H Veterinary Service & Boarding

820 W 5th St

Morris, MN 56267

Call for appointments:

(320) 368-2689


We are excited to announce that we have opened a second location!


We now offer basic veterinary care, pet boarding, grooming, and even a self serve pet wash in Morris!


Please call 320-368-2689 for an appointment in Morris!

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